Funko POP! Vinyl Figure Collecting


If you have never heard of or seen Funko POP Vinyl figures then you must have been trapped in a parallel universe where they don’t exist.

These cute, small, box shaped figures with their big heads have become must have collectables.

You can get Marvel, DC, Disney, Anime, tv and film characters. There are also larger ones like Doctor Who’s TARDIS, Doomsday and Hadgrid. Vehicle pops like Agent Coulson in Lola, Wonder Woman in her invisible jet and Echo-1 are also available.

The list is endless.

They can cost anywhere from £10 for a regular figure or you can pay even higher for exclusive and rare ones.
They can be found in HMV , Forbidden Planet , Supermarkets as well as Amazon.

The only downside is that some Funko Pops can have poor paint jobs including missing paint, colour bleed and the appearance of scratches. To some people this night not be an issue but with me being a bit OCD I think the company might need to invest in better quality control.

Funko Pops are so addictive to buy you might find yourself with not much space left in the house to swing a Loki. Thankfully, I’m nowhere near that stage….. YET!

Here are some of my favourites from my collection.

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